The Scottish New Music Awards are proud to announce that the voting for The Scottish Music Industry Awards is now OPEN!

The form is available by following the directions at

The Scottish Music Awards are for you, the industry that makes it happen. We will not be picking our friends to be the recipients of the awards, nor will we select candidates at random, therefore it is important that you place your nomination for a recipient in EACH and EVERY category.

When selecting your nominees, please keep in mind certain criteria:

1. Why are you voting for them?

2. For certain nominations, such as Radio Station, Radio Show, Live Club, Booking Agent etc., how much of their business or content is Scottish or Scottish related.

3. For nominations such as Rehearsal or Recording Studio etc., what are the actual facilities like? Is there ample parking, are the owners and employees good to work with etc.

4. This online voting system will close on August 1st 2011, no votes past this date will be accepted.

5. This form tracks IP addresses, NOT email addresses. This is to ensure that only one vote is allowed per IP address. There is no internal marketing strategy in place. We will not keep email addresses on file.

If anyone has any questions about this process or anything to do with the awards, please call Ellie Davis at 01324 610138.

The Scottish new Music Awards will be held at the prestigious Barrowland Ballroom on Sunday September 4th, 2011


About MUSIC NEWS Scotland

MUSIC NEWS Scotland was born 12 years ago when dial up broadband was still around and desktop pc’s ruled. So we did what had been done since 220 AD in China and every month put ink on a printing plate, ran some paper over it and hey presto MNS was published (okay it was a wee bit more involved than that, but the basic principle was the same!) Move on to 2011 with high speed broadband and access to the www everywhere and the future was catching up with us rapidly. The volume of information flowing into MNS HQ was more than our monthly issue could cope with, and more and more Scottish music stories of great value were being spiked (an old press term not a dodgy drink). Reaching our vast number of readers in every conceivable nook and cranny of Scotland has always been a challenge monthly but to do that more often was physically not feasible. So we have doffed oor tam o’ shanter to the future and MNS is now a weekly digital publication, and not only weekly now but twice the number of pages than our old printed friend! Along with our weekly GIGguide and FESTIVALS! supplement we are now producing 72 pages of Scottish music news (and only music news) each and EVERY week:) We remain as true as ever to our launch roots of 8 years ago though - MUSIC NEWS Scotland supports all Scottish bands and performers no matter what style of music you’re involved in. Our aim is to circulate music industry news and to help to raise the profile of musicians and improve communications between genres. To help achieve this copies of MUSIC NEWS Scotland are emailed to key industry contacts throughout the UK. Thank you for your support over the last 8 years and please raise a glass to our digital future with you all. Thanks for your support, The MNS team!
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One Response to SCOTTISH NEW MUSIC AWARDS – Voting Open

  1. Anonymouse says:

    Before Alex Ross’ “The Rest is Noise” takes over the discussion, it seems only fair to put in a good word about the one and original book on twentieth century music, the one that’s the most even-handed and is aware of all the trends–David Cope’s “New Directions in Music.”

    I first read this book in its first edition back in 1974. It was a most valuable guide through a world I’d only become aware of in 1972, a world infinitely fascinating, but bewilderingly immense. A fair and detailed guide like this was exactly what I needed. This is as unapologetic a book as one could wish, too. The emphasis for everything covered, from Cowell to antimusic, is descriptive rather than judgmental. So you always feel like you’re getting the straight story.

    The most recent edition, the seventh, is from 2001, so covers three more decades worth of music making than the rather slender volume I started on. Despite a fine book by Michael Nyman (Experimental music: Cage and beyond), David Cope’s book remains the single most comprehensive and most valuable survey of twentieth century music I know. Emphasis on the word “music.” Other books on new music, including the most recent one alluded to above, spend a lot of time on history and biography and psychology and physiology. Those are all interesting things, to be sure, but music often seems in the other books a mere by-product of social and emotional forces.

    Not so in “New Directions in Music.” This is simply and consistently a book about music.

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