goNORTH 2011: Music Panel and Workshop Programme announced

The full music panel and workshop programme for goNORTH 2011 has been announced.


Thursday, June 9

11.30-12.30: Born To Be Wide, Music and Brands

Brands sponsorship is everywhere in music; with drinks companies, mobile phone operators, supermarkets and even electricity suppliers getting in on the act. What do these partnerships offer bands, managers and promoters and how are potential downsides avoided? How can those working on the music side engage with brand managers to get sponsorship?

Moderator: Olaf Furniss

Keren McKean (We Make Music Work)

Julia Jones (Gibson, Hard Rock Cafe)

Adam Lewis (Planetary Group)

Paul Knowles (International Music Community)

13.00-14.00: Musicians Union Ten in Ten Panel

Have you ever wondered what the music industry would be like in ten years time? Music

Supported Here, an initiative from the Musicians’ Union, decided to find out with the launch of the Ten in Ten poll. We’ve lined up 5 high profile figures from across the music industry to discuss and debate the findings of the survey.

Moderator: Jen Hunter (Musicians Union)

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Caroline Gorman (Rage Music)

Duncan McCrone (MCPS)

Keith Harris (PPL)

Jamie Gilmour (BACSA)

Stewart Henderson (Chemikal Underground)

14.00-15.00: UK & US Music Supervisors

Music supervisors are constantly looking for new international talent and as budgets at the front-end continue to tighten for synchs across all media, the marketplace continues to look towards emerging independent acts, labels and publishers to make increasingly limited budgets work. This event will put UK and US supervisors in front of attendees to explain how they research and find music, what the food chain for placement in a show or spot is, how they like to receive music, and where the marketplace is headed in this area.

Moderator: Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music)

Nicky Bignell (BBC Music Rights Manager)

Daniel Cross (Record Play)

Amine Ramer (States Of Sound)

14.00-15.00pm Technology, Creativity, Health And The Over 50’s

Still young, quickly adopting new technologies and consuming all sorts of creative content, this is a rapidly expanding age group. The discussion will be wide ranging looking at issues from hobbies, interests and purchasing power, to promoting health and well being, the demands of family and the effects of a longer working life.

Moderator Julia Jones

Shaun Allen (Co Founder Vector76)

Prof. Grenville Hancox MBE (Professor of Music at Canterbury Christ Church University)

Dr Gaenor Rodgers (Centre for Rural Health at the University of the Highlands and Islands)

15.15-16.15: Born To Be Wide, Modern Management

How has the role of the artist manager developed to adapt to the ever changing face of the music industry? Does modern management require a whole new set of skills as acts increasingly take care of the areas previously handled by the record label? Or is it simply a matter of tweaking a few practices and carrying on with business as usual?

Moderator: Allan McGowan

Jamie Gilmour (We Were Promised Jetpacks)

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Bob Miller (Corinne Bailey Rae)

Scott Cohen (The Ravonettes)

Bruce Craigie (Idlewild)

Jen Anderson (Unicorn Kid)

16.30-17.30: Music Week Keynote

Music Week’s Christopher Barrett will conduct a keynote interview with UK Music CEO Feargal Sharkey

Friday June 10

11.30-12.30: PPL, Let The Music Pay

This panel will focus on the importance of PPL to performers, and will give PPL performer members the opportunity to meet and quiz the Chairman of the PPL Performer Board Gerald Newson and Director of Performer Affairs Keith Harris.

12.45-13.45: Born To Be Wide A&R Panel

How has the role of A&R changed in parallel with wider industry shifts? This panel will bring together some of the most respected names in the business to set the current function of A&R in context, discuss how signing decisions are made and what the job involves in the present climate.

Moderator: Olaf Furniss

Stephen Jones (Music Week Talent Editor)

Alex Knight (Fat Cat Records)

Monte Malone (A&R Worldwide)

Stuart Henderson (Chemikal Underground)

Kenny McGoff (Sony ATV Publishing head of A&R)

12.45- 13.45pm Media As A Community Asset

This panel session will look at the role that local papers, radio and television play in the community. The panel will also look at issues around the relevance and sustainability of local media in a digital world.

Moderator: Peter Urpeth (HI-Arts writing development officer)

Liz MacIntyre (Manager of Radioskills at the Moray Firth Media Trust)

Jake Schumacher (Station Manager for Urbana Public Television)

Archie MacKay (Editor of Am Paipear)

Angus MacLeod (WJM)

14.00-15.00: Music Blog Panel

Over the last five to ten years music blogs have become an increasingly influential part of the music press, attracting many of the most passionate fans, hosting the most active debate, and breaking the biggest bands. Smaller, nimbler and hence able to move faster than the traditional press, music blogs are increasingly becoming the platforms radio producers, label A&Rs and professional journalists look to find the best new music. Usually run by passionate amateurs, they are also more accessible to bands looking for their first exposure.

Moderator: John Robb (Louder Than War)

Matthew Young (Song By Toad)

The Pop Cop

Lloyd Meredith (PEENKO)

15.30-16.30: Worldwide Radio Summit

goNORTH in partnership with A&R Worldwide and AllAccess.com are set to take the Worlwide Radio Summit to the UK for the first time. Building from the Worldwide Radio Summit in Los Angeles, a panel of experts will discuss the current trends and future forecast for all things radio. Whether it be terrestrial, digital, satellite, online or mobile, radio remains the world’s strongest communicator of sound. Radio’s interaction with audience now connects via various touch points around the globe. Our panel will focus on where radio is going from a cumulative, revenue, technology, music and marketing stand-point. Get an incredible insight from our experts on how you as a vested partner in radio can prepare for radio’s future benefit to you.

Moderator: Sat Bisla (MUSEXPO)

Markus Kuehn (Motor FM)

Brad Savage (WCNR)

Jeff Zycinski (BBC Scotland)

17.00-18.00: Founder of FatCat Records Alex Knight in conversation with Olaf Furniss.

Register FREE for goNORTH 2011: http://www.gonorth.biz

goNorth is a festival for contemporary and cutting edge music of all genres. It aims to highlight the best emerging talent from Scotland, the rest of the UK, and a selection of international contenders.

goNorth features acts across all contemporary music genres, with the line-up split equally between artists from the Highlands and Islands, other parts of Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world. In recent years, the event has brought acts from the USA, Russia, Scandinavia, Australia and the Basque Country to the north of Scotland. The goNorth 2011 compilation featuring a selection of showcasing artists will be released directly to industry via MUSICWEEK.



About MUSIC NEWS Scotland

MUSIC NEWS Scotland was born 12 years ago when dial up broadband was still around and desktop pc’s ruled. So we did what had been done since 220 AD in China and every month put ink on a printing plate, ran some paper over it and hey presto MNS was published (okay it was a wee bit more involved than that, but the basic principle was the same!) Move on to 2011 with high speed broadband and access to the www everywhere and the future was catching up with us rapidly. The volume of information flowing into MNS HQ was more than our monthly issue could cope with, and more and more Scottish music stories of great value were being spiked (an old press term not a dodgy drink). Reaching our vast number of readers in every conceivable nook and cranny of Scotland has always been a challenge monthly but to do that more often was physically not feasible. So we have doffed oor tam o’ shanter to the future and MNS is now a weekly digital publication, and not only weekly now but twice the number of pages than our old printed friend! Along with our weekly GIGguide and FESTIVALS! supplement we are now producing 72 pages of Scottish music news (and only music news) each and EVERY week:) We remain as true as ever to our launch roots of 8 years ago though - MUSIC NEWS Scotland supports all Scottish bands and performers no matter what style of music you’re involved in. Our aim is to circulate music industry news and to help to raise the profile of musicians and improve communications between genres. To help achieve this copies of MUSIC NEWS Scotland are emailed to key industry contacts throughout the UK. Thank you for your support over the last 8 years and please raise a glass to our digital future with you all. Thanks for your support, The MNS team!
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