How to advertise in MNS

if you ain’t giggin’ – you ain’t livin’ …. ‘MNS‘– supporting live music in all of Scotland

MUSIC NEWS Scotland ….. now in our 12th year!

To advertise in the three MNS titles contact Carol MacDonald at:

You can advertise in the main edition of MUSIC NEWS Scotland, and our two supplements, the MNS GIGguide and FESTIVALS! These are all printed on a rolling weekly basis.

You can view the latest editions of  MNS, our GIGguide and FESTIVALS! supplement from links on our ‘Read Our Latest Editions Here!’ page.

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2 Responses to How to advertise in MNS

  1. Parker says:

    Hi, we are launching our first EP on 1st May at Hardrock Cafe Glasgow, we are a relatively new pop band from Glasgow, compared to Del Amitri, the eagles and Train amongst others. We are looking to promote both our EP launch and the EP itself, would you guys be interested in adding us to your gig guide or perhaps a small article/review?

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