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News – Email all your music news stories and festival details to Alastair @
Gigs/Festivals – Email your gig and festival dates for our weekly MNS GIGguide and MNS FESTIVALS! supplement to Rob @
Advertising– To advertise in all our publications email Carol @ for pricing details of the several low-cost packages we have available
Unsigned Band/Performer Advertising – If you’re a band or performer and would like your album launch or tour flyer/poster included in the weekly editions of MUSIC NEWS Scotland, MNS GIGguide + MNS FESTIVALS!, then a 1/4 page advert is only £40+vat for 8 weeks exposure (less for EPs and Singles) – Email Carol @ for more info or to book advertising space.

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Read ‘MUSIC NEWS Scotland’ from this link:

MUSIC NEWS Scotland - Dec19-18-front-page


MNS ‘Scottish’ FESTIVALS! supplement …..

Read ‘MNS FESTIVALS!’ from this link:

MNS FESTIVALS Weekly - Dec19-17-front-cover

MNS ‘Scottish’ GIGguide  …..

Read MNS GIGguide from this link:

MNS GIGguide - Jan20-14-front-cover


2 Responses to Read our latest editions here!

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  2. hugh man says:

    I would like to bring the subject of ‘pay to play’ up. I know that the corporate breweries who try to control/shut out musicians and expect them to play for nothing, or throw them a beer which costs a few pence for them to make, but lets face it, the capitalists of this world do nothing for nothing, so why should we musicians? An “opportunity” to play is it? Or an opportunity by opportunists to bring back slavery, which never ended. Come on world, lets wake the f up.

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